Chestnut House Veterinary CentreChestnut House Veterinary Centre


Chestnut House veterinary Centre is set in three and a half acres of informal gardens which clients and patients are free to wander around whilst waiting for their appointments.

The waiting room and consulting rooms are very spacious with plenty of room for stressed dogs and cats to be separated to maintain calm. At the hospital end of the practice there are separate heated dog and cat wards with a fully refurbished operating suite. Our radiography department is fitted with a modern digital x-ray unit as well as a brand new ultrasound scanner. Our laboratory is able to perform a full blood analysis with a thirty minute lead time and our dental machine is fitted with the latest ultrasound scaler and compressed driven tools.

We use the safest anaesthetic agents on the market and all patients are monitored by Royal College registered veterinary nurses who use an ECG machine and pulse oximeter to help them deliver the best possible care.

At Chestnut House Veterinary Centre we pride ourselves in delivering excellent continuity of care. Unlike some large practices, you will always be seen by the same veterinary surgeon who will follow your pet’s progress from the initial consultation, through surgery, to postoperative care and interpretation of any laboratory tests. This, we feel is vital for your pet’s safety.


There are certain conditions that require long term medication. Once the veterinary surgeon is happy with your pet’s response to therapy you will be able to phone up and request a repeat prescription. Current advice from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons require us to carry out a re-examination every three months to confirm the usefulness of the medication and the absence of side effects. There is a nominal charge for this check-up. We require 24 hours’ notice for a repeat prescription.

Dog Training

A well trained dog is a pleasure to own. We hold weekly dog training and socialisation sessions in our indoor school. Linda Downie, a very experienced dog trainer offers a very comprehensive eight week course in basic training.

Nurse Clinics

All the nurses at Chestnut House are registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons which means they are highly qualified and regularly attend continuing professional development courses. They are closely involved with the daily running of the practice and carry out a variety of procedures such as microchipping, setting up intravenous fluid lines, nail clipping, suture removal and providing advice on flea and worm treatment and a whole host of other subjects. They are always available for a chat.

Home Visits

We are all too aware that it is not always possible for some patients and some clients to attend the surgery for a variety of reasons. We are more than happy to offer a home visit service. However, being a small practice we are limited to doing visits between 11am to 1pm.


Here at Chestnut House we strongly recommend a comprehensive vaccination program. Although there is a great deal written against vaccinations, Mr Loddo vaccinates his own dogs every year and would not perform a procedure on other peoples’ dogs that he would not perform on his own pets. We start vaccines at eight weeks of age with a second dose given at ten weeks.   Puppies must be kept at home until one week after the second dose is given. Boosters are given annually.

Reminders are sent by post one month before the booster is due.