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Mr Loddo has been very interested in feline medicine since graduating. It has long been known that cats are not small dogs and feline medicine is a specialised branch of veterinary medicine. To this end, Mr Loddo is a long standing member of the ISFM (international cat care for vets). He regularly attends the ISFM continuing education symposia to keep abreast of the latest findings.


Here at Chestnut House Veterinary Centre we are committed to a comprehensive vaccination program. We vaccinate cats at 9 weeks of age with second dose given at 12 weeks. Thereafter we administer boosters at yearly intervals. We strongly recommend vaccinating against feline influenza, feline enteritis and feline leukaemia. Not only are these vaccines essential for your cats health, they are also necessary if you ever have to place your cat in a cattery.


We are very aware of how stressed cats can get in unfamiliar surroundings, especially in the presence of dogs. We have a totally separate cat ward with a Feliway diffuser permanently plugged in to keep them as calm as possible prior to and after surgery. There is enough space at Chestnut House to offer a quiet waiting room if one of our canine friends is being too noisy.


Although cats are small, some veterinary bills can be eye wateringly large. The tendency of cats to wander and patrol their territory means that road traffic accidents are, unfortunately, very common. Modern advances in orthopaedic surgery means we can often rebuild very damaged bones. Implants and referral to specialist surgeons are very expensive which is why we recommend pet insurance. There are a great many insurance companies offering a huge variety of policies. We will always be happy to discuss the best cover you need for your pet.